BPA - Another reason to choose a reusable coffee cup next time you're hanging for that coffee fix

Reusable coffee mugs, they’re great for the environment. I bet you’ve seen them popping up at your local cafe right? If you own one you’re helping save the planet from drowning in single use plastic. Did you know that there is another really great reason to get on board with taking your own cup?


You’re probably all over the fact we shouldn’t be using products with BPA in it right? If you’re not sure why, its because BPA is an endocrine disruptor. That is to say, BPA is a chemical that interferes with the function of our hormones and has been linked to increased risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

You’re probably already using BPA free plastics and tinned goods from the supermarket, but did you know there are some sneaky sources of BPA in circulation that you can easily rid yourself of?

  • Plastic coffee cup lids! The heat from the coffee softens the plastic and you guessed it, BPA leaches into the coffee with every sip. What a great excuse to drink your coffee at the cafe in a real mug. (Come on! 10 minutes out of your day won’t kill you!). Or if you really must drink on the go, take your reusable cup with you. If you forget to pack it, just say “No Thanks” to a plastic lid (and walk away REALLY carefully).

  • Thermal receipts. Yep every time you get a thermally printed receipt there it is again. BPA. So if you don’t need that receipt another polite “No Thanks” is a great way to skip the exposure. And you will be doing the cashier a favour too. Same at the ATM, skip those too.

  • Err, cask wine…Yep sorry. The plastic lining leaches BPA into your wine. What a great excuse to buy a lovely bottle of organic wine next time you are at the bottle shop.

There you have it, BPA exposure Be. Gone.