How CH Colloidal Minerals can counteract the effects of GLYPHOSATE

If you've heard about Monsanto and glyphosate lately, you might be wondering what you can do to help counteract its effects. What does glyphosate do to our body? Have you heard of leaky gut before? It's where the tight junctions that form a protective barrier in the intestinal tract become loose or leaky so to speak and allow toxins amongst other things into the blood stream which can lead to chronic health issues including auto immune diseases. When we ingest glyphosate from the environment, plants, animals we eat, or water we drink it acts to cause leaky gut amongst other health problems.

Enter Changing Habits Organic Colloidal Minerals. I've been taking this as a tonic to get my micronutrients for a couple of years now but I wasn't aware until now that the humic and fulvic acids (the main component of organic soil matter, fulvic acid comes from the humic matter) help to counteract the glyphosate in the body.

Fulvic acid in particular has been shown to strengthen the function of the tight junctions counteracting the effect of the glyphosate. It has also been shown to moderate the immune system, both by reducing pro-inflammatory markers (indicators of health conditions, infections, auto-immune diseases and even some cancers) and activating the immune system to kill bacteria. It also reduces oxidative stress, can induce programmed cell death in some liver cancers and has benefits for improving gut health via its effects on the microbiome.

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