Tasty Choc Granola

I make this as I feel like it, its quick and easy and so yum. I also run by the pinch of this, pinch of that method on this one. It's also great with blueberries so feel free to mix it up a little. Serves one.

  • 1/2 an apple, grated or chopped

  • a handful-ish of shredded coconut

  • a teaspoon or two of cacao nibs

  • a tablespoon or so of buckwheat

  • 2 fresh dates, chopped

  • one or two tablespoons of activated pumpkin or sunflower seeds

  • a dollop of your favourite coconut yoghurt on top

Combine everything in a bowl. Enjoy!

(Blueberry version pictured as I ate the apple and date one before I remembered to snap it!) 

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